National Medical Laboratory Week 2020

April 26 - May 2

During this National Medical Laboratory Week, let’s show Canadians who medical laboratory professionals really are. We are part of the health care team. We are behind every lab test result, and we are there when patients need answers.

There are tools and resources on this website you can use to start planning your Lab Week celebrations. Every action you take to help raise awareness of the work you do helps Canadians understand who you are. Plus, you are actively celebrating and drawing attention to the profession.

This Lab Week, let’s show Canada that We Are Lab.

Get Planning!

Get creative during Lab Week! The images below will help inspire and guide you as you start planning for Lab Week.


The 5Es of Science Communication

Jason Tetro’s five guidelines to help everyone communicate more effectively!

Are you eager to share your passion of all things medical laboratory with the world? You’ve come to the right place. We have Jason Tetro’s 5Es of science communication to help you create and disseminate effective science-related messaging that is accurate, more agreeably received by the audience and adheres to audience values. These 5Es are education, enrichment, engagement, entertainment and empathy.

Take a look below to see each “E” described in detail.


Science communicators must share accurate, evidence-based knowledge.


This approach is all about making sure that the information you provide is practical and can be used by your audience.


The objective of engagement is to fuel a two-way connection that encourages the audience to participate.


Like the engagement approach, there isn’t just one way to entertain an audience.


By definition, empathy is all about being able to understand what a person is going through.

Be sure to check out Jason Tetro’s full article, “Learning from History to Increase Positive Public Reception and Social Value Alignment of Evidence-Based Science Communication” to learn more about effective science communication!

Show the World : We Are Lab

We are proud of everything medical laboratory professionals do, and we want as many people in Canada to feel this, too! We are creating a short video that shows the public the pride of the profession and the diverse role we play.

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