National Medical Laboratory Week 2016

April 24 - 30

This is only the beginning.

The most interaction the average person in Canada has with the lab is when they provide a sample.

This years' National Medical Laboratory Week campaign is focused on educating the public about what happens behind the scenes and just how integral the lab is in their health care.


Do your part to help raise awareness by completing actions from the celebration toolkit below. Your actions, combined with the actions of lab professionals around the country, can make a large impact. It's as simple as sharing the Lab Week website, setting up a display or presentation or inviting VIP guests to your lab. Every action is one step closer to educating others about the important work done in the lab.


Part of the fun of Lab Week is celebrating the great work you do. Whether you celebrate with colleagues in your lab or outside of work hours…give yourself a pat on the back. Don't forget to include us in your celebrations. Share your photos with us through social media (@csmls, Facebook, #LabWeek).


Visit the website

Visit Website

This website shows you what medical laboratory professionals do in the lab. Visit the site to learn more, then share the website with others to help raise awareness about this vital health care profession.

Sticker Printouts


Download and print full-colour stickers to share. Stickers are sized to print standard Avery 22807 labels. Give them to coworkers, colleagues or random strangers. Make your message stick!

Desktop Wallpaper


Display laboratory pride on your desktop background either at home or at work with downloadable National Medical Laboratory Week desktop wallpaper!

Stat Cards


Start the conversation about what medical laboratory professionals do by sharing these Stat Cards during National Medical Laboratory Week. Print out the cards for easy handouts at displays and events.

Cake Decals


Make your party extra special with a custom National Medical Laboratory Week celebratory cake. Download the cake decal and take it to your local bakery for edible printing.

Email Signature


Help spread the word about National Medical Laboratory Week through every email. Use the email signature template on your email accounts. To set up in Outlook, simply open "New email" and click on "signature". Copy and paste the email signature template in the "Edit Signature" space provided.

Facebook and Twitter Covers


Show your peers that you are a proud Medical Laboratory Professional by changing your Facebook or Twitter cover. To change your Facebook cover simply visit your Facebook feed and choose "Add a Cover". To change your Twitter cover simply visit your Twitter feed and click "Edit profile".

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